Weather can be unpredictable in Ohio. Thunderstorms in the warmer months, and ice and snow in the colder months can cause power outages that will affect the way you live and work. Having a generator can help keep everything in your life and your workplace running smoothly. With a generator, you will have a reliable back-up for all your electrical appliances and gadgets. It’s important to make sure your generator is functioning the way it should so you don’t run into any problems down the road.

Generator Options

A permanently installed automatic standby generator provides backup power protection and peace of mind for your family or business during a power outage. A standby generator runs on liquid propane or natural gas, and just like your central air conditioner, works automatically when you need it and shuts off when you don’t. 

A portable generator is a great mobile option for temporary power needs — portable generators are intended only as a backup solution to provide power for some basic household needs on an emergency basis — or to provide power for recreation, camping and power tools where electricity isn’t available.

Do you need a generator installed or repaired? Count on USA Heating and Cooling for fast and reliable service! We proudly specialize in servicing Generac and Honeywell generators. Our professionals have installed and repaired generators for residential and commercial clients for over 40 years. Customers in Marion County and throughout North Central Ohio depend on us for comprehensive service at a fair price.

We can install and repair:

  • Package generators
  • Rooftop generators
  • Water-powered backup systems
  • Battery-powered backup systems
  • Whole house automatic generators

When you count on USA Heating and Cooling, you’ll get comprehensive service from a NATE and ESCO Institute-certified company. We offer competitive rates and 24-hour emergency service, so you can depend on our workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction.

To schedule service for your generator, call anytime at  (740) 751-4400.